Jenelle Evans on Overcoming Heroin Addiction: I Quit Cold Turkey
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Jenelle Evans on Overcoming Heroin Addiction: I Quit Cold Turkey

For someone so young, there's no doubt that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has way more problems than Jay Z (dude only has 99 — child's play compared to Jenelley). And we're not just talking about homegirl's strange obsession with Alfredo sauce. Jenelle has a history of drug dependence, and things took a major turn for the worse when she started using heroin.

Jenelle's substance abuse was chronicled during Teen Mom 2's dramatic fourth season, but the good news? Jenelle's currently clean and sober after being hospitalized for her addiction back in November of 2012!

This lovable troublemaker is hardly the first member of the Teen Mom mafia to dabble in drugs, but her dependence was definitely the most serious. However, when a fan asked Jenelle if she quit heroin cold turkey, she tweeted, "Yes I did."

Consider us shocked! It's extremely common for addicts to relapse after quitting their drug of choice, so Jenelle must have pretty amazing will power and a great support system. It's no secret that she attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings on the regular, and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, definitely has her back. This dude is completely straight edge, and has made it clear that he has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Jenelle's former drug habit! Well, except for pot.

Of course, you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait, wasn't Jenelle arrested for heroin possession just a few months ago?" Unfortunately, the answer is yes — but the charges were dropped, which means we have every reason to believe the drugs didn't belong to Jenelle!

Are you proud of Jenelley for quitting cold turkey? Hit the comments!

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08.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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