Jenelle Evans Spends Time with Jace Following the Birth of Kaiser!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Spends Time with Jace Following the Birth of Kaiser!

Remember when Jenelle Evans became pregnant with her second child, and everyone flipped out because she still doesn't have custody of her first son, Jace?

Fans were genuinely concerned that Jace would be marginalized thanks to the fact that he lives with Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, but fear not! Jenelle popped out Baby Kaiser a few days ago, and guess who's right there with her as she settles in at home? That's right, Jace.

Despite having her hands full with dirty diapers and spit, Jenelle made sure to invite Jace over to spend time with his new baby brother, and posted a photo of their hang session to Twitter along with the caption, "Eating Oreos with my little man."

Sorry, Kaiser who? Sure, Jenelle might have a new baby to gush over, but there's clearly room in her heart for both her kids. Plus, it helps that Jace is an amazing older brother already!

"Jace put Kaiser's teddy bear next to him while he sleeps becuz Jace said 'he can dream with his animal friend,'" Jenelle tweeted. "#BrotherlyLove."

Um, we can't even. Is anyone else super excited to see Jenelle, Jace and Kaiser in action during Teen Mom 2's upcoming Season 5B?

Though it hasn't been confirmed that Jenelle's labor will make the final cut, MTV would be crazy not to include Kaiser's arrival in the show!