Jenelle Evans Hates on Farrah Abraham: I Don’t Want Jace Watching Her on TV!
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Jenelle Evans Hates on Farrah Abraham: I Don’t Want Jace Watching Her on TV!

Farrah Abraham has officially been rejected by the MTV Powers That Be, which means she won't be coming back for Teen Mom's upcoming fifth season. We know, we know, tears everywhere.

Farrah's participation on Teen Mom would have been utterly and completely amazing, but apparently MTV wasn't on board with her alternate lifestyle. You know, as a porn star.

While Farrah insists that Teen Mom will be less exciting without her, the president of her Haters Club, Jenelle Evans, thinks the show is way better off. "I've changed my life for the better, she did for the worse." Jenelle tweeted after slamming Farrah for promoting sexual intercourse.

This gal also explained that she wouldn't want her son, Jace, accidentally catching Farrah on television. "She's on an escapade of stripping/making sex toys,"Jenelle explained to a feisty fan. "I don't want Jace catching a scene of that saying what’s that?"

Fair enough! Teen Mom is definitely a PG-13 show, and might not jive with Farrah's X-rated lifestyle. Then again, is Jace even old enough to watch the Teen Mom ladies on the small screen?

It's not as though the series is made for children, and if Farrah was edited carefully in the new season, her story could be spun as a cautionary tale.

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