Jenelle Evans Accuses David Eason\'s Ex Of Using Heroin as Twitter Feud Continues (UPDATE)

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Accuses David Eason’s Ex Of Using Heroin as Twitter Feud Continues (UPDATE)


UPDATE (5/19/17 at 11:04 a.m. ET):

Jenelle Evans — or her PR Twitter account rather — is still going at it, retaliating against David Eason's sister Jessica's claims about her and her family — and even Dave's ex, Whitney, is coming into the fold!

Though Whitney, Maryssa's mom, apparently can't get the Twitter app to work and thus can't speak for herself, that hasn't stopped the Teen Mom 2 star from throwing some serious accusations her way, via Jessica's Twitter handle.

Read all of Jenelle's accusations against Dave's ex Whitney below in which she accuses her of using heroin and says she has proof that letter Maryssa wrote to her on Mother's Day was not forged, among other things.

Then keep scrolling for more on the war of words between Jenelle and her future sister-in-law!

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Original story (5/18/17 at 10:24 a.m. ET):

We thought we’d heard the end of the very public feud between Jenelle Evans and her fiancée David Eason’s sister Jessica, which began when Jess accused her future sister-in-law of “banning” the Eason family from their home.

But alas, the Teen Mom 2 star is keeping the nasty back-and-forth going, this time on Twitter, and some of the accusations the women are throwing at each other are seriously troubling.


When things left off last week, Jess revealed on Facebook how “jealous AF” Jenelle was of her hanging out with David’s son, Kaden, and his baby mama, Olivia Needham, and even accused her of using drugs while pregnant!

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In retaliation, the mom of three claimed Jess got fired from her job, has a husband who smokes and sells crack, and has a brother — aka David — who “hates her guts.”

But now things have seriously escalated, and we’re genuinely concerned.


The jabs began again when Jenelle bashed her future sister-in-law one last time on Facebook, saying “drugs makes everyone crazy” and even claiming she gave one of her five kids cerebral palsy by “fighting” when seven months pregnant.

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Then, understandably, Jess went OFF on Twitter, saying she doesn’t understand how her brother is allowing his future wife to treat anyone this way. Jess even made a joke about Jenelle’s assault charges from Nathan Griffith’s ex, who also, weirdly, is named Jessica:

“U better bring a flat full of mason jars with u wherever u go!” she tweeted. Eek!


Jenelle then hopped on her personal Twitter page and accused Jessica of smashing into a kids’ school bus while on Xanax. Honestly, how do people come up with this stuff?!


Jess then went back and forth with a few people following along before Jenelle took to her “PR account” — which she clearly runs — to make the same bus accusation and then some.

Then, Jess accused the reality star of scrubbing the toilet with David’s daughter Maryssa’s toothbrush, at which point she claims Dave almost left her. Are you still following?!

You are so great to my baby, she looks up to you @j_evans1219 !

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Lastly, Jenelle’s PR account tweeted out a bunch of stuff about Maryssa’s mom Whitney and how she’s an unstable presence in the 9-year-old’s life, but followers were catching her in her own lies.

You can read the entire long-winded thing over at Starcasm, but we think we summed it up pretty succinctly.

Now we just want to know how David feels about all of this. Maybe if he stopped only posting on Instagram about how perfect his little family is, we’d get a better idea..


You are perfect babee @j_evans1219

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Do you think these moms need to calm down and keep their dirty laundry off social media? Do you think any of these accusations are correct? Tell us below.

Teen Mom 2 returns later this year to MTV.