Jenelle Evans Slams Kailyn Lowry at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Taping: “You B—h” — Report
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Slams Kailyn Lowry at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Taping: “You B—h” — Report


It’s safe to say Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry are not getting along.

The cast of Teen Mom 2 is currently in Los Angeles filming their reunion special and things are already not going well for the two cast members.

In fact, Jenelle reportedly went off on her co-star and it wasn’t pretty.

The drama began after Jenelle threatened to quit the show last week after she received a bad edit.

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Fans also accused Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, of child abuse after the mother of three’s son, Kaiser, was seen crying “feed me” during the episode.

Following the episode, Kailyn commented on a GIF of the little boy crying, saying, “There’s nothing funny about this.”


Needless to say, Jenelle didn’t appreciate Kailyn talking about her family.

“Jenelle texted Kail and told her she shouldn’t be making b—h ass comments about her life unless she knows the full story,” a source told Radar Online.


“She complained about coming under fire on social media for not feeding her son.”

Then, once they all arrived in L.A., Jenelle reportedly told Kailyn they shouldn’t speak to each other at the reunion.

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“She told Kail that she hasn’t filmed and doesn’t plan on it because of girls like her on the show,” the source continued.

Kailyn tried to end the conversation with Jenelle by telling her to have a nice day, but the newlywed didn’t take it so well.


In fact, Jenelle fired back with, “You too, you b—h.”

Oh boy, this is going to make for good television.

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Jenelle defended her and David’s actions on Instagram shortly after the episode and announced her plans to quit after the season.

“Yes, me and David have our ups and downs but yesterday’s episode was uncalled for,” she wrote.

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“Because David didn’t feel like explaining another argument or drama on camera they make it look as if David is hiding some weird ass s—t from the public as if he was hurting me in some way?!”

She continued, “I have decided after this season I’m probably calling it quits for filming this show.”

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