Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Wants to Marry and Have Kids With Her!
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Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Wants to Marry and Have Kids With Her!

Nathan Griffith has so many thoughts and musings that we're surprised he hasn't hit up girlfriend Jenelle Evans's  personal blog, Feelings and Emotions!

Ever since Nate started dating Jenelle, he's been catapulted into a giant sea of drama, and the time has come for him to clear the air. This dude recently called into The Real Teen Mom Talk to dish about his relationship with Jenelle, and he had a few interesting things to say.

First of all, Nate wanted to explain why he's still with Jenelle despite the fact that she smokes weed. "Anybody who deals with half the s–– Jenelle does on Twitter they would probably already kill themselves," he said. "If she wants to smoke weed to calm down the f–– down, just let her calm down … I'd rather her smoke weed than be on Klonopin or Xanax where she's gonna have horrible withdrawals from them."

We're picking up what Nathan's throwing down, but let's not forget that pot is illegal in North Carolina. Her dependence on it for stress relief could prevent her from regaining custody of her son, Jace! (Though Nathan did confirm that Jenelle is "not around Jace smoking weed.")

So, what does the future hold for Jenelle and her man? "We are definitely in the future gonna get married," he revealed. "We are definitely gonna be together for the rest of our lives."

Aww, how sweet. Oh, and Nathan also touched on the subject of making babies! "Later on, yeah of course," he said when asked if he and Jenelle want kids. "I wanna have a family with her. I wanna get married with her."

Well, there you have it. It looks like Jenelle has finally found the man of her dreams! Of course, first she has to get a divorce from her current husband, Courtland Rogers. Get in line, Nathan!

Source: The Real Teen Mom Talk