Jenelle Evans Meets a New Guy Online — But She’s Still Technically Married! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans Meets a New Guy Online — But She’s Still Technically Married! (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2's Season 5 premiere dropped a number of crazy bombshells, but our favorite? Jenelle Evans's quickie marriage to bad boy Courtland Rogers — which, not surprisingly, got left on MTV's cutting room floor. Nowadays, Jenelle's in a stable relationship with super hunk Nathan Griffith and they're even expecting a baby together. But how did these two lovebirds meet? All will be revealed during next week's episode on January 28.

In the sneak peek clip below from Season 5, Episode 2, Jenelle and her mom Barbara have a heart-to-heart about Jenelle's felony drug charges stemming from her April 2013 arrest for heroin possession — but the conversation quickly turns to Jenelle's love life.

Sure, Jenelle's still technically married to Courtland, but that doesn't mean she isn't ready to move on. The reality starlet informs her mom that she's been "talking to" an underwear model who she met online, and they're planning to get together IRL for a mini-golf date.

Naturally, Barbara's a little skeptical. "A dating app?!" she asks Jenelle. "Why would you do that? You're married!"

"Oh my god, mom, we're separated!" Jenelle laughs.

Barbara still seems a little wary — after all, Jenelle is newly sober and facing serious jail time if convicted (spoiler alert: she only got an 18-month unsupervised probation). The last thing she needs is another bad influence in her life.

"He could be a serial killer!" Babs says. (Spoiler alert: he's not.)

Jenelle decides to go for it anyway and agrees to meet Nathan in person. Thanks to our Twitter stalking sleuthing skills, we know their first date couldn't have gone any better — they even saw a beautiful double rainbow while cozying up together on the beach!

"Omggggggg how do I end the day like this with the most amazing man alive? I'm TOO happy with my life now," Jenelle tweeted on June 3.

Fast forward to the present and Jenelle and Nathan are still a couple and starting a family together. Who would have thought?! We can't wait to see their love story play out this season on Teen Mom 2!

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