Jenelle Evans Met Her Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Online
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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Met Her Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Online

Finding a boyfriend the old-fashioned way is nearly impossible these days, which is why the single ladies of MTV's Teen Mom 2 are turning to Internet dating! Like Chelsea Houska, our girl Jenelle Evans trolled around the intertubes until she found herself a keeper — a part-time underwear model named Nathan Griffith. The 21-year-old mom recently dished on Sulia about the experience.

"Nathan and I met online a month and a half ago," Jenelle wrote on June 10. "I found him because I seem his two huskys and thought they were gorgeous, lol."

A dog owner herself, Jenelle was obviously smitten with Nate's pooches … and we're sure his washboard abs didn't hurt either! The pair met up IRL on June 3 for a beachside rendezvous, where they talked about their feelings and looked at rainbows. #romance

The lovebirds have only been together a week (which in Teen Mom land is like a year), but Jenelle is already head-over-Uggs for this mysterious male model.

"All I've heard about Nathan since being with him is all POSITIVE things. I met his family last night and they are so laid back and easy to get along with," she dished. "So far he is the most amazing guy I've ever met, I don't know how his exs treated him so wrong when he is simply perfect to me, lol."

We're stoked for Jenelle, but we'd like to gently remind her what she wrote in October 2012 at the start of her relationship with newly-estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, who is currently behind bars on heroin possession charges: "Everyone is going to love him. He is so caring, loyal, and knows how to take care of himself. I have a good feeling about this relationship."

Famous last words, right guys?

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