Jenelle Evans Talks Moving Away From Son Jace: “I Didn’t Want Him Being Upset”
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Jenelle Evans Talks Moving Away From Son Jace: “I Didn’t Want Him Being Upset”

Jenelle Evans has a habit of jumping into super serious relationships faster than you can say "chicken Alfredo." This Teen Mom 2 star got engaged to Gary Head after just a few months of dating, got married to Courtland Rogers after just a few months of dating, and now she's living with her boyfriend of less than a year, Nathan Griffith! Oh, and she's pregnant with his baby.

Many fans have accused Jenelle of rushing into her relationship with Nathan, but all you have to do is tune into this season of Teen Mom 2 to realize that their love is something special. Jenelle and Nathan's relationship is romantic, mature, and 100 percent the real deal, so it's completely understandable that she moved in with him after just a few weeks of dating!

"I need to be away from that town, I need to move somewhere new, I need to start fresh where I don't know any body," Jenelle explained during Teen Mom 2's Season 5, Episode 3 after show. "I need to just settle down and chill out."

Totally understandable, but was Jenelle worried about the impact that her move would have on Jace?

"I think that what ultimately made me worried [was] not the distance, but me moving out of my mom's house in general because I was living there for a while and Jace saw me every day," she continued. "And all of a sudden I tell him, 'Hey I'm leaving.' I hate telling him that and I wanted him to be comfortable with 'OK, she's moving, but I'll be staying there eventually, or she'll come get me, she'll see me.' I just didn't want him being upset."

Jenelle definitely followed through on her promise to see Jace on the regular. This kiddo stays with him mom over the weekend, and apparently Jenelle will get full custody sometime this year!

Do you think Jenelle made the right decision when she moved out of her mom's house? Sound off below!

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