Jenelle Evans Spends Mother’s Day Weekend With Nathan Griffith’s Daughter! (PHOTOS)
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Jenelle Evans Spends Mother’s Day Weekend With Nathan Griffith’s Daughter! (PHOTOS)

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are shaping up to be the best mom and dad ever. These lovebirds are gearing up for the arrival of their first child together, a baby boy named Kaiser, but let's not forget that they're both already parents. Jenelle is the proud mother to her first son, Jace Evans (who lives with Jenelle's mom, Barbara), while Nathan has a daughter named Emery from his first marriage!

Unfortunately, Nathan doesn't get to see his baby girl too often. This sweet kiddo lives full-time with her grandparents, aka the mom and dad of Nathan's ex, Allison Stevens. While Allison sees Emery on the regular, Nathan only sees his daughter about once a month!

"[Emery's] allowed around me," Jenelle explained to fans back in December. "She only comes down once a month, it's BS. He never gets time with her."

We're sure Nathan wishes he could spend more time with Emery, but they got a chance to bond when Em visited her dad and Jenelle during a fun trip to the beach! According to Jenelle's photo collage, Emery (who looks just like Nathan...minus the bright red hair) had an amazing time hanging out with Teen Mom 2's hottest couple, and even got her tan on with Nathan!

Hopefully, both Emery and Jace will get to spend more and more time with Jenelle and Nathan as time goes on — especially once Jenelle has her baby. We have a feeling Emery and Jace will make amazing siblings and, if nothing else, they can educate young Kaiser in the art of Alfredo sauce binging. #Blessed.

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