Jenelle Evans Attacks Nathan Griffith’s Ex on Twitter
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Attacks Nathan Griffith’s Ex on Twitter

Jenelle Evans seems to have a good thing going with her latest boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, and she’s not going to let anything — or anyone — come between them.

While the previews for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 make it clear that Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship isn’t all sunshine and roses (hint: there are lots of accusations about infidelity and yelling), it looks like the couple, who are now expecting their first child together, still haven’t moved past some of their bigger issues since filming wrapped.

On Sunday night, Jenelle lashed out at Nathan’s ex on Twitter, mocking the expectant mother for allegedly spreading rumors about Jenelle and Nathan to tabloids.

I'm not discussing Nathan's personal business online! But add me to Instagram everyone!” Jenelle ridiculed. “Oh check out the article I sold about him!”

Jenelle continued to slam Nathan’s ex for trying to get in touch with him after their relationship ended, telling the girl, “Bitch u r so thirsty like I said lay the f—k off.”

To make sure she had successfully gotten her point across, Jenelle ended the one-sided argument with the following words of wisdom: “Obviously he never responded to u on fb for a f—king reason, he's in love with me... Not u, lmao. MOVE ON U R PREGNANT, so am I.”

Do you think Jenelle is overreacting?

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