Jenelle Evans’s Blowout Fight With Nathan Griffith — Who Leaked the Video?
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Jenelle Evans’s Blowout Fight With Nathan Griffith — Who Leaked the Video?

Hands up if you're feeling a little traumatized by the recently leaked OMG-inducing video of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans having an explosive fight with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith? In the video (obtained by, Nathan chews out Jenelle for being a liar and a bad mom, saying, "Get the f— out! I don’t want to be with you. You f—ing lie … You act like a f—ing b—ch to your kid."

Yikes. Luckily, Jenelle insists that she and Nathan are over the hump, but you might be wondering how this extremely personal video got leaked in the first place — after all, Jenelle recorded it on her own phone! Well, guys, you guessed it: Courtland Rogers. According to Jenelle, Courtland (aka Jenelle's estranged husband) sold footage of Nathan's tirade after she sent it to their mutual friend in a moment of weakness.

"[I] got mad and sent it to a 'friend' who I stopped talking to back in Jan," Jenelle explained to a curious fan. "So she sold it with Courtland."

Jenelle also implied that she sent her friend the video because she was worried about her relationship with Nathan. The good news is that these two seem stronger than yesterday (to quote our girl Britney Spears), and nothing can get in the way of their love — least of all Jenelle's ex!

"I shouldn’t have ever recorded the video but at the time I was emotional, and paranoid," she told Teen Mom Truth. "I’ve been burned so many times, but that was so long ago at this point. Nathan screwed up, and after that awful fight, he apologized for days over it. We got out of that rough patch a while ago, and things are so much better now. We are stronger than ever. You live and you learn. Everyone goes through bad moments you know? I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and Nathan is the love of my life, and that’s all that matters at this point.”

Are you breathing a sigh of relief? Lord knows we are! Team Nathelle FTW!

Source: Teen Mom Truth

03.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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