Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Go to Ohio For a Family Vacation! (PHOTO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Go to Ohio For a Family Vacation! (PHOTO)

To paraphrase the iconic words of Kid Rock, Jenelle Evans is a cowboy, baby, she can smell a pig from a mile away. (You're welcome for that classic ‘90s reference.)

This world-famous Teen Mom star recently took a break from her busy life of parenting, packed her brood of dogs and kids into the Hummer, and road-tripped over to the great state of Ohio!

That's right, Jenelle and her kiddos are currently visiting the family of her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, who appear to operate some kind of horse ranch. Basically, Jenelle's spent the past few days wearing cowboy boots, skipping around with some giant horses, and riding off into the great beyond with Nathan.

Jenelle posted approximately one million pictures to Twitter of herself and Nathan saddled up on ponies, but our favorite? This bad boy right here, aptly captioned, “Side by Side.”

Look at Jenelle and Nathan's faces! They're so happy, and their horses don't even look all that traumatized! Sure, Nathan's wearing a terrifying tank top and dad jeans, but whatever — perfect couple remains perfect.

We think it's great that Jenelle and her man took a break from life and peaced out over to Ohio for a family vacation. And don't forget, these two will be heading to NYC in just a few days to film the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special!

Sigh, what jet-setters. Let's just hope Nathan wears a real shirt for the event.