Jenelle Evans Says Nathan Griffith Used to Pay Her Bills
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Says Nathan Griffith Used to Pay Her Bills

Teen Mom 2 Season 5 was all kinds of dramatic, and one of the biggest sources of dramz was Jenelle Evans's relationship with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

Long story short, Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, was under the impression that Nathan was a freeloader who didn't work or contribute to household expenses, and Jenelle is finally setting the record straight.

When a fan accused Nathan of spending all Jenelle's hard-earned money at Hooters, she tweeted, "Who ever said he was spending my money? I carry my own money, he carries his. I need mine for lunch time anyways."

She also followed up with the surprising confession that Nathan paid the bills when they first started dating. "He paid my bills when I met him and I had no income," she explained.

Basically, Jenelle pulled a Destiny's Child and was all, "Can you pay my bills, can you pay my telephone bills, do you pay my automo'bills," and Nathan was totally game.

We don't know about all y'all, but we feel much better about Nathan and Jenelle's relationship knowing this fact. Poor Nate has often been accused of taking advantage of Jenelle's fame and fortune, and clearly that isn't the case! Phew, what a load off.

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