Pregnant Jenelle Evans Is Planning a Trip to Disney World!
Credit: Nathan Griffith on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Is Planning a Trip to Disney World!

Jenelle Evans is boldly going where tons of people have gone before….to the magical land of Disney World! This Teen Mom 2 star definitely deserves a break from her grueling schedule of school, parenting, and trolling around Twitter. Besides, who doesn't want to chill with a bunch of princesses all day while binge-eating churros?

Of course, getting a family of three (Jenelle + her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith + her kiddo, Jace) is no easy feat, and girlfriend took to Twitter to complain. "Trying to plan this Disney trip is really exhausting," she mused to no one in particular.

Amen to that. Let's not forget that Jenelle is currently eight months pregnant with her second child (Kaiser FTW!), so planning a trip while dealing with cankles and heartburn can't be easy. In fact, we're surprised that Jenelle is even going to Disney World in her condition! Most doctors don't recommend air travel past eight months, so we assume girlfriend is making the eight hour drive down to Florida.

Hopefully, Jenelle won't make the mistake of hitting up Disney World in her ninth or tenth month of pregnancy. We'd hate for this girl to be frolicking around the “It's A Small World” ride only to have her baby delivered by Mickey Mouse. Then again, it's totally worth the risk.

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