Jenelle Evans Shares Her Simple Pregnancy Workout on Twitter
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Shares Her Simple Pregnancy Workout on Twitter

Jenelle Evans has been working on her fitness like Fergalicious! This infamous Teen Mom 2 star / Olive Garden denizen is around 24 weeks pregnant with her second child (a baby boy!), but you better believe she's keeping fit and healthy.

Not gonna lie: we expected Jenelle to spend this pregnancy swimming in a sea of alfredo sauce and binge eating hamburger helper (like a normal person), but this reality star has gone a slightly healthier route this time around. Sure, Jenelle indulges in her cravings for endless breadsticks, but she's all about working out — baby bump and all!

"Workout finished!" Jenelle posted to Twitter on March 24. "If u ladies are as pregnant as me right now and need something simple and easy try this…"

From the looks of Jenelle's infographic, she did a pretty comprehensive full-body workout including a half-mile walk, bicep curls, squats, a few lunges, and something terrifying called "running." And fear not — we're confident Jenelle isn't pushing herself too hard. Sure, too much stress on a pregnant body can lead to early labor, but Baby Kaiser will come out when he's good and ready.

And yes, Jenelle is still naming her baby "Kaiser." Learn to deal with this flawless name.

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