Jenelle Evans to Regain Custody of Son Jace in 2014
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Jenelle Evans to Regain Custody of Son Jace in 2014

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have been prayer circling up a storm in the hopes that Jenelle Evans will finally regain custody of her son, Jace, and it looks like the moment we've been waiting for is officially upon us. Well, kinda.

Jace currently lives with his grandmother, Barbara Evans, who has custody thanks to Jenelle signing over her rights back when Jace was an infant. Jenelle's always played an active role in her son's life, but for a while we feared she'd never get full custody of her kiddo. Not only was Jenelle dating a series of seriously questionable dudes with seriously questionable facial hair, she was addicted to heroin!

Jenelle Evans to Regain Custody of Son Jace in 2014
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Luckily, Jenelle has 100 percent cleaned up her act and is currently in a stable relationship with her new baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. Jenelle and Nathan are living together in South Carolina (where Jace visits them almost every weekend), and it looks like Jenelle's finally ready to step up to the mommy plate. So when can we expect her to regain custody of her firstborn?

"Many fans have wondered WHEN I was going to regain custody of my son, Jace. It has taken longer than I expected, and the road has not been easy," she explained on Sulia. "My mom and I worked out a plan, and I've stuck with it, and 2014 will be the year I get him back! I am so excited about taking care of him, and the new baby!"

Wow, how thrilling for Jenelle and her fellow Olive Garden denizens (read: her fans). This starlet has been working so hard to improve herself and become a better mom, and it's wonderful that she's finally ready to take full responsibility for her child. Of course, Babs will remain a huge part of Jace's life once he moves in with Jenelle, but there's no denying that this little kid will benefit from being raised by his mom!

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