Jenelle Evans Regrets the Way She Treated Her Dog: “He’s Part of the Family” (VIDEO)
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Regrets the Way She Treated Her Dog: “He’s Part of the Family” (VIDEO)

Please pay attention, because Jenelle Evans has a lot of feelings about responsible pet ownership, and she's dishing said feels to MTV.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 probably noticed that Jenelle totally lost it during this week's all new episode, where she was left all alone with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith's dogs while he chilled in jail. Basically, his husky pooped all over the garage and Jenelle wasn't having it.

"What I learned from this experience is that you always need to be two steps ahead,” Jenelle tells MTV. “You need to have your dogs trained well, and they need to listen to you as owners.”

But wait, Jenelle has even more sound advice. Not only does she think prospective pet owners should "make sure they can handle it," she suggests starting out with just one dog, not two.

"What I usually do before I get a pet is go on Google and search for different breeds and see how they are around children," burgeoning Dog Whisperer Jenelle explains. "You want to make sure they are going to get along with all your family members.”

Sounds like Jenelle knows what she's talking about, but fans were somewhat shocked by her treatment of her pup — especially because she put him in the same cage as her second dog while she went shopping.

Luckily, Jenelle knows she acted out (pregnancy hormones, guys!), and regrets being so mean to Nathan's husky. “He’s so loyal, so protective, he’s kind of goofy, and he’s so clumsy and dopey," she says. "He’s definitely part of the family.”

Will you keep Jenelle's wise musings in mind next time you're in the market for a new pet? Let us know what you think of her advice in the comments.

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