Moving On?! Jenelle Evans Sparks Dating Rumors With New Instagram Photo
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Jenelle Evans

Moving On?! Jenelle Evans Sparks Dating Rumors With New Instagram Photo


Jenelle Evans’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, has made it clear he’s moved on with another relationship (waddup, Jessica Henry), so has Jenelle finally done the same?


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The Teen Mom 2 star has returned home from her red-carpet-filled trip to Los Angeles, and upon arrival in good ol’ North Carolina, she took to Instagram to share this photo of her two pups, Brody and Jax. But who’s that dude holding the dogs? Because from the looks of the tattoo on his left arm, it surely isn’t Nathan…

Brody on the left and Jax on the right. #Twinning Blue Pitts

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After ogling the cuteness of her pets, fans got to speculating on who the mystery guy is, but based on this tweet Jenelle sent out about the same dogs, it’s pretty much confirmed the guy in question is Ryan Dolph:

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Diehard TM2 fans may recognize Ryan as the BFF of Jenelle’s ex, Gary Head. You know, the one who proposed to Jenelle in bed? Rumors ran rampant in 2013 that Jenelle and Ryan were sleeping together behind Gary’s back, and there was even some speculation that Jenelle’s son Kaiser was actually his and not Nathan’s!


But we think it’s safe to assume Ryan and Jenelle are definitely not hooking up right now. Besides, Ashley Brown was also tagged in Jenelle’s tweet, and Ashley and Ryan are dating, so how weird would it be if Ryan cheated on his GF with Jenelle literally right in front of her? Ew.


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And anyway, Jenelle is keeping her options open these days. Immediately afterwards, the mom of two tweeted she’s back on Tinder:

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We just hope Ryan’s dog-watching skills are better than his pal Gary’s proposal skills!

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