Jenelle Evans Responds to TMZ’s Claim That She’s a “Free Woman”
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Responds to TMZ’s Claim That She’s a “Free Woman”

Jenelle Evans can't go one day without her name being in the tabloids, and her recent divorce from Courtland Rogers has gotten all kinds of press. As far as we're concerned, Jenelle can finally enjoy life to the fullest now that her relationship with Courty is behind her.

Not only will she welcome her baby into the world without worrying about Courtland's name being on the birth certificate, she can finally get hitched to her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith!

Yep, Jenelle's life is looking up, and she isn't about to let haters keep hating. In fact, this gal recently lashed out at TMZ after the celebrity gossip site posted a video mocking her newly single status.

"Are you lonely and looking for love?" TMZ asked. "She loves taking selfies, getting pregnant and sticking to a schedule ['I like to smoke about this time of the day!']. If you're looking for a girl that’s tough, spunky and has loose morals, look no further than Jenelle."

Oh, snap! TMZ is bringing some major fighting words to the table (they also mocked Jenelle for getting into a brawl with her ex-bestie), and Teen Mom 2's feistiest star isn't having it! You better believe Jenelle took to Twitter in her defense writing, "TMZ that fight I got into happened years ago, I'm not a 'free woman' and u can see that yrselves, and I've changed my life. Keep bashing Idc."

Amen to that! Jenelle's life couldn't be more different these days. For starters, she no longer attacks her biffles (thank the Teen Mom Gods), but more importantly, she's clean, sober, and in a steady relationship to the man of her dreams. In other words, go Jenelle!

Source: TMZ