Jenelle Evans Gears Up For Second Baby Shower — Who’s Hosting?
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Gears Up For Second Baby Shower — Who’s Hosting?

Pregnant Jenelle Evans is due to pop on June 29, and you know what that means! Time for her to have a million baby showers. Jenelle recently celebrated her first of two soirees (which was hosted by her baby daddy Nathan Griffith's family), and it looks like party number two is just around the corner! Double the pleasure, double the fun, guys.

According to a source from, “Nathan’s older sister and his mother threw that shower for Jenelle and Nathan." This means that, her next shower will be held by — you guessed it — Barbara Evans.

“Jenelle has a baby shower coming up at her mother Barbara’s house,” the source told Radar. “This one is going to be for all of her friends and it will be bigger than the first baby shower that Nathan’s mom and sister threw for her. The shower that is going to take place at Barbara’s house will happen in about two weeks."

Two weeks is cutting it pretty close to Jenelle's due date, so hopefully she'll make it to the party! Honestly, we don't even know what her friends and family could get her at this point — apparently home girl already received an insane amount of gifts from party number one. They included a "BOB stroller and Britax BOB car seat, diapers, wipes, a diaper genie, clothes, and a play pen.”

Wow, Jenelle is one lucky lady — she has an amazingly generous group of friends and family! But do you think she'll pop out her baby before the next shower, or will she make it to her due date? Let us know below!