New Mom Jenelle Evans Slams Rumors That She Parties Every Night
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Jenelle Evans

New Mom Jenelle Evans Slams Rumors That She Parties Every Night

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans gave birth to her adorable bundle of joy (looking at you, Baby Kaiser) this past June, and she's been perfecting the art of motherhood ever since.

Let’s be honest though, this reality star didn't exactly handle her role as a parent all that well when she gave birth to her first son, Jace (who currently lives with his grandmother). But Jenelle's grown up a lot in the past four years, and now she's the best mom ever!

Not only does Jenelle spend as much time as she can with Jace, she's all about being a great mom to Kaiser. This gal is by her baby's side 24/7, but apparently some fans think Jenelle is already back to her party girl ways because she went on a date with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. So, what does Jenelle have to say to her haters? Step the the left, basically.

"I kno u were expecting me to post drunk tweets last night I hear?" she tweeted on July 19. "Lmao I went to see The Purge and came home. Don't get too excited."

Jenelle also slammed rumors that she goes out every weekend saying, "Now it's turned into I go out to eat alone, go out every weekend, haven't spent one weekend with Kaiser? Lmao funny !!"

Let's not forget that Jenelle's breastfeeding, which means she can only be out of Kaiser's reach for a few hours without needing to express milk! Plus, there's no way this new mom would spend so much time away from her bundle of joy — have you seen Kaiser's face? He's irresistible!

Source: OK! Magazine