Does Jenelle Evans Still Smoke Cigarettes?
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Does Jenelle Evans Still Smoke Cigarettes?

Jenelle Evans is so stressed out, you guys. Not only does she have a mob of haters judging her every move, her boyfriend just got arrested for speeding home drunk in an attempt to have sex with her (sigh, hate it when that happens), her pet bearded dragon, Yoshi, was murdered by an evil heat lamp, and she still doesn't have custody of her son.

To make matters worse, Jenelle's preferred herbal remedy for stress-relief happens to be illegal in South Carolina, which means she has no choice but to take the edge of by smoking cigarettes. Yep, Jenelle is still huffing and puffing sin-sticks — despite the fact that she's had bronchitis and the fact that they're terrible for you.

"everytime I have a soft pack of Newports it's like a mystery how many I have left," she tweeted on September 12.

Cigarettes are extremely unhealthy, but we should probably cut Jenelle some slack. There are far worse things to be addicted to, which is something she knows better than anyone. Of course, Jenelley has tried quitting in the past. She gave up cigs for 48 hours in August 2012, and again in December when she tried to quit with her hubby Courtland Rogers. Back in May she admitted to smoking just 1-3 cigarettes a day, and hopefully she's cut down even more since then.

Also, it's called an e-cigarette, Jenelle. All the cool kids are doing it. By which we mean Leonardo DiCaprio.

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09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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