Jenelle Evans’s Son Jace Graduates From Preschool (PHOTO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans’s Son Jace Graduates From Preschool (PHOTO)

Kids these days. One day they're popping out of your lady parts while a bunch of random cameramen film you for a television show, the next they're trolling around the swamp lands of North Cackalacky, and graduating from preschool. Of course, no one knows this better than Jenelle Evans’s whose sweet son, Jace, graduated from pre-k on June 13!

Jenelle Evans’s Son Jace Graduates From Preschool (PHOTO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook    

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have been watching Jace grow up since he was a little baby, and it's amazing to see pictures of him getting a diploma. First stop preschool graduation, next stop college graduation, sob! We're so second-hand proud of this kiddo for making it to the big leagues, and let's be real — Jenelle's setting a pretty good example.

Sure, this reality star went through a huge rough patch back when she was addicted to heroin, but she's come out the other side and is currently clean and sober! Oh, and she happens to be enrolled in college!

Basically, Jenelle is a super positive role model for Jace, and we're thinking it's only a matter of time before this little dude moves out of his grandmother's house and starts living with his mom full-time.

You can check out photos from Jace's graduation on Jenelle's personal Facebook page (loving the fact that Jenelle's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, wore a visor to the event), but hopefully we'll see this kid get his diploma in action during MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Season 5B — premiering July 16!

Source: Jenelle Evans on Facebook