Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Won’t Let Her Swear Around Jace
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Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Won’t Let Her Swear Around Jace

Anyone who watches MTV's Teen Mom 2 knows that Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans, love to swear. These ladies get into a crazy fight at least once per episode, and let's just say their language can get a little colorful. Meanwhile, Jenelle's son, Jace, is just sitting in a corner like "ugh, guys, I'm only 4."

Fans often voice their concern over how Jenelle and Barbara's constant fighting might affect Jace, but good news! Jenelle's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, is laying down the law: no more swearing in front of the kid.

"I refuse to use that vulgar language around children. I've even told Barbra not to use that language," Nathan tweeted, adding, "Everyone in that family Uses JC and GD which I'm also strongly against in my religion and from the house I grew up in."

Amen to that. While we're not so sure that "Jesus Christ" counts as a swear word, it's great that Nathan has asked Jenelle and Babs to stop cussing at each other in front of Jace. Hopefully, they'll have gotten used to a swear-free lifestyle before Jenelle's next baby is born — otherwise the first word out of this little tyke's mouth might rhyme with "duck."

Do you think Jenelle and Barbara swear too much? Either way, it seems like Nathan is a great influence on these ladies — now we can rest assured that Jace won't grow up with a mouth like a sailor!

01.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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