Is Jenelle Evans Getting a Tattoo With Her Ex-Fiance?
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Jenelle Evans

Is Jenelle Evans Getting a Tattoo With Her Ex-Fiance?

Jenelle Evans might be happily shacked up with professional wrestler Nathan Griffith, but home girl has a trail of ex-boyfriends following her every move and she just can't seem to shake them.

While Jenelley tries her best to ignore Kieffer Delp and Courtland Rogers, her relationship with ex-fiance Gary Head is slightly more complicated. These two go from having each other's back to hating each other in the blink of an eye, and it looks like they're currently on the outs — all thanks to Gary's meddling! Curious to know more? Here's what went down!

Gary took to Twitter to inform Jenelle that his favorite tattoo artist wanted to ink up her body, which is A. totally weird, and B. totally inappropriate considering that Jenelle's pregnant.

Obviously, girlfriend shot Gary down, tweeting, "No one touches my skin for tattoos except for my main clique at #Hardwire tattoo shop in Wilmington, NC. #SorryNotSorry."

Fair enough, but Gary seems to think Jenelle is being ungrateful, and took it upon himself to slam her. "Hardware [sic] f—ed your tattoos up," he tweeted, adding, "Maybe it's time that you do look into another artist. I mean really, look at your ink work compared to mine. #SorryNotSorry."

Um, how dare Gary insult Jenelle's gaggle of stomach tattoos, not to mention her giant leopard print thigh tat! Unacceptable. But not as unacceptable as the fact that his new girlfriend jumped into the conversation to throw in her two cents.

This girl accused Jenelle of being immature and ignorant, and Jenelle defended herself saying, "My exs new gf is mad I won't be nice to him?! Uhh.. What?!"

Do you think Jenelle should have been nicer to Gary? After all, he was trying to do her a favor! Then again, that favor involved getting matchy-matchy tattoos, and they already both have YOLO written on their bodies. Enough is enough, people.