Jenelle Evans Addresses \'Teen Mom 2\' Reunion Drama, Rumors David Pulled a Knife on Set
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Addresses ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion Drama, Rumors David Pulled a Knife on Set


If you recall, the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion was all about Jenelle Evans and the drama with her mom and her ex, Nathan Griffith...and Season 8's finale special will be no different.

The cast and crew gathered in Los Angeles over the weekend to film the two-part reunion sit-down with Dr. Drew Pinsky, in addition to a few upcoming MTV specials.

And tons of rumors hit the interwebs about the drama JE and her husband, David Eason, allegedly caused on set — and even that he got violent towards the cast and crew!

First, it was rumored the 25-year-old refused to stay in the same hotel as her castmates — The Ashley reported usually the girls stay in one hotel while the dads stay in another to avoid confrontations and fights.

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Though the mom of three didn't deny these rumors, she claimed in an Instagram Live on Sunday, October 22 that she preferred to stay in a more private AirBnB because she felt "unsafe" with people knowing where she was after the tragic mass shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas — her special request had nothing to do with not wanting to see her co-stars.

However, she admitted she texted Kailyn Lowry before they filmed, warning her to not talk to her or about her at all after the comments she made last week about JE supposedly quitting the show. Eek!

The Ashley also reported that there was a ton of drama behind-the-scenes of the taping that temporarily shut down production — and Jenelle and her hubby were to blame.

First, a source insists the entire cast — plus some members from Teen Mom OG — filmed an end-of-year party special on Friday night that'll air around New Year's Eve on MTV.

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But when the bartenders cut David off from the beer after he was drinking too much, he got angry — and whipped out his pocketknife!

“He took out his pocketknife and started slashing the balloons with it!” the source said. “This took place a few feet away from where the cameras were filming, so there’s a slight chance it may be captured on film.”


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Obviously, everyone looked on in disbelief and was genuinely petrified.

However, his wifey downplayed these allegations, saying he was simply upset that he was being denied beer so he went outside, popped some balloons, and that was the end of it.

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The next day, The Ashley says, another fight broke out between Jenelle, her mom, Barbara, her ex, Nathan, and Nathan's new girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt.

“The fight started when Nathan’s girlfriend was walking past the room Barbara [Evans] was in. Barbara hugged Ashley goodbye and Jenelle saw it and came bursting out of the room," the insider revealed.

“She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend."

Like the knife incident, this angered and frightened fellow castmates, who scurried to get their kids out of the hallway where the fight took place and into their dressing rooms to safety.

This supposedly shut down production temporarily — but the fight was captured on camera, so consider us psyched to see it all play out!

However, of course, the Read Between the Lines author recalled the story a little bit differently, saying in the same Instagram Live chat that she simply wondered out loud why Ashley was being filmed if she didn't want to be a part of the show.

Ashley then began to "cuss her out," and Jenelle claimed she then had to be pinned against a wall before being asked to leave in front of her and Nathan's son, Kaiser, who was staying at the hotel with his dad and Ashley since it was their weekend.

Then Nathan's mom, Doris, and David got into a heated screaming match before Babs chimed in, supposedly saying:

“You are being abused, Jenelle, and you won’t tell anybody. You’re worse than you’ve ever been, even worse than when you were on drugs.”

But Nathan insisted his ex was just spewing lies, eventually going live on Periscope saying she is the true aggressor in this equation.

Other insiders who were present for the taping say what happened on stage wasn't any better.

Starcasm reports Barbara filmed alone because her daughter refused to film with her, and David and Jenelle left after Jenelle's segment, before David could take the stage with Nathan.


Speaking of Nathan, apparently he brought a literal drug test out on stage in the hopes Jenelle and David would take it, so he could know once and for all his son Kaiser is safe when under their care. Sheesh!

Doris, Nathan's camera-shy mom, even came out with Dr. Drew to defend her son against allegations he's abusive, and to try and prove Jenelle and David are the ones who mistreat the 3-year-old (and use drugs in his presence).

We wish the MTV editors lots of luck in cutting all of that drama into one 42-minute epsiode. We're exhausted just thinking about that!

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Meanwhile, we'll be keeping our eyes on Jenelle's and Nathan's social media accounts for more of what went down. The filming may be over but we're positive the drama is far from it!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.