Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans on Jace “Acting Up,” Being “Done” With Her Co-Stars — Exclusive (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans on Jace “Acting Up,” Being “Done” With Her Co-Stars — Exclusive (VIDEO)


Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is going to be an eventful one for Jenelle Evans, between her daughter Ensley’s arrival, her surprise proposal, and of course, all that drama with her mom, Barbara Evans.

After taking a pregnancy test live on Wetpaint’s Facebook page — wasn’t that fun?! — Jenelle chatted with us exclusively to spill on some of the big moments of the season, and divulged that Jace doesn’t seem to be taking too well to the new visitation agreement.

"He’s still acting up in school, he’s still acting up at my mom’s house,” she tells us.

“I just think he’s very angry right now and he’s holding it all in. Me and him are going to start therapy together.”

The 25-year-old also spills on where things stand with Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith — “nothing’s really changed with him,” she admits —  and if she’s on good terms with her co-stars, including newbie Briana DeJesus.

“I haven’t spoken to [Briana] since we’ve had our feuds in the past online,” she says.

“In the past, the co-stars have said mean things over and over and over again repeatedly about me and they have came back apologizing every time they do it. I’m done, I’m just gonna be civil with them.”

Hey, at least she’s not pulling a Farrah Abraham and refusing to film on the same stage!

Watch our video interview with Jenelle above, and stay tuned to Wetpaint in the coming weeks for more dirt on her wedding, her relationship, her new book, Read Between the Lines, and more!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.