How Did Jenelle Evans Tell Nathan Griffith She’s Pregnant? — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Teen Mom 2

How Did Jenelle Evans Tell Nathan Griffith She’s Pregnant? — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The fact that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child, aka future world leader Kaiser Griffith, is no surprise to us — or to the new parents for that matter. In this sneak peek at tomorrow night’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Jenelle breaks the exciting news to her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, and his reaction is priceless.

“Are you positive you want another child? What if we don’t work out?” Nathan asks after Jenelle says her pregnancy test came out positive. “I know that for a little bit there we were hitting the rocks and stuff like that, we think we’re still going to have a stable relationship? Do you think this will bring us closer?” Whoa, so many questions, Nathan!

“I think it’s going to bring us closer because if anything we argue over little things, so if we have a baby then I think we’ll less likely to argue because we’ll be busy all the time with each other.”

Now that’s some sound reason, Jenelle. Despite all the inquisitive questions, the couple seems pretty thrilled about the latest edition to their family, especially since it was planned. Jenelle and Nathan went through a few unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, but now they can rejoice over their little baby-to-be.

Even though we know Jenelle is expecting a boy, she also admits in the clip that she hopes they have a girl, but we know she’s happy either way. Besides, who wouldn’t when the baby will have all of Daddy’s MMA fighter and modeling qualities?

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