Jenelle Evans Picks a Theme For Kaiser’s Nursery — What Is It?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Picks a Theme For Kaiser’s Nursery — What Is It?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is about to explode. No really, this former jail bird is expected to give birth in T-minus just a few more weeks, and it's time for her to start preparing for the arrival of her son, Baby Kaiser Griffith!

Jenelle has a lot to do before Kaiser makes his way into the world, and is just like "Bow down, bitches!" (in so many words), and first on the list? Getting his nursery ready! Jenelle confirmed that she has "of course" started to make a nursery for Kaiser, but that she "can't do much until after my baby showers."

Showers, plural? Jenelle sure is lucky! Hopefully, Kaiser will get tons of amazing new swag for his crib (and his actual crib), but let's hope that Jenelle's friends and family stick with the theme of this kiddo's nursery. Which Jenelle confirmed is — duh — "royal theme."

After all, "Kaiser" is a German word for "emperor," so it's only fitting that this baby's room be decked out in royal blues, and an over abundance of red velvet. Of course, this is Jenelle Evans's child we're talking about, so Kaiser's room will probably feature a lot of leopard print...much like his mom's thigh.

Do you like Jenelle's theme for Kaiser's nursery, or do you think she should go with something a little less obvious? Hit the comments and dish your thoughts!