Jenelle Evans Is Sick and Tired of Being Pregnant!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Is Sick and Tired of Being Pregnant!

Jenelle Evans is a lot of things: flawless, angelic, full of alfredo sauce from Olive Garden, and — oh yeah — massively, enormously pregnant. In case you hadn't noticed, this controversial Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her second baby boy, and she's due to pop any day now!

Jenelle's official due date is June 29, but Baby Kaiser (yes, that's her baby's name) could safely arrive at any point from here on out and be perfectly healthy. In fact, Jenelle hopes he comes ASAP!

"Come on Kaiser.. It's time to drop now..." Jenelle tweeted on June 15. "Lol stubborn like yr daddy."

So, what does Jenelle mean by "it's time to drop"? For those of you who aren't familiar with the wonderful world of pregnancy, a baby "drops" when it moves into the lower part of a woman's stomach in preparation for delivery.

This usually happens anywhere from two weeks to a few hours before labor begins, and it's definitely noticeable. In fact, those of you who follow Jenelle on social media will probably see her belly hanging a bit lower once Kaiser "drops" in preparation for his triumphant debut!

When do you think Jenelle will go into labor? Sigh, she must be so tired of being pregnant. Pray for her ankles, guys. PRAY.