When Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Visiting Nathan Griffith in Jail?
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Jenelle Evans

When Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Visiting Nathan Griffith in Jail?

You might be wondering if Nathan Griffith is still in jail. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Yes, a thousand times, yes. Teen Mom 2s Jenelle Evans' hunky baby daddy is currently behind bars thanks to charges stemming from his 2013 DUI arrest, and he won't see the light of day until he completes a 47-day sentence. The horror!

Sure, 47-days isn't too long, but don't forget that Jenelle is currently seven months pregnant with Nathan's love child. Now that she's in the final trimester of her pregnancy, she'll be experiencing increased discomfort and pain — girlfriend definitely needs her man by her side!

The good news? Jenelle has every intention of visiting Nathan while he's shacked up in the slammer, and it looks like she's heading over to the Horry County’s Reuben Long Detention Center for some conjugal fun this coming Monday, April 21.

"Can't wait until Monday," Jenelle tweeted on April 16. "Skipping to the courthouse I go."

We're so happy that Jenelle's managing to look on the bright side of things! Of course she's gotten a few side-eyes for her decision to visit Nathan in jail (it's hardly the best place for a pregnant woman to be trolling around), but hopefully this dude's remaining time behind bars will fly by thanks to regular visits from his gal pal!

Sigh, before too long Nathan will be back where he belongs...in front of a mirror, in a man-tank, taking selfies.

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