Jenelle Evans Tells Her Bestie, Tori Rhyne, About Her Second Pregnancy (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans Tells Her Bestie, Tori Rhyne, About Her Second Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans just found out about her second pregnancy on Teen Mom 2, and her positive test wasn't exactly a shocker. Jenelle and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, had been trying to get pregnant for months — but we're curious to know how she feels about the bun in her oven...

In an unaired clip from MTV, Jenelle sits down with her best frenemy, Tori Rhyne, to break the news and chat about when she might regain custody of her first child, Jace. This kid currently lives with Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, but it looks like Babs is willing to give up custody if Jenelle can stay clean and sober for six months straight!

The catch? Jenelle won't get custody of Jace if she can't take care of her second baby. "My mom probably wants to see how I'm gonna do with this baby," Jenelle explained. "Jace will be coming just to spend the weekends at first, and then I'll get custody shortly after."

There's no doubt that Jenelle's cleaned up her act and has become a pretty great influence on Jace, but how is she going to handle two kids at once? We have a few concerns about Jenelle piling too much on her plate, but she seems pretty confident. "I'm gonna be there for that child every single day no matter what," Jenelle said. "And I'm gonna show everyone that I can do this by myself."

Jenelle is due to pop sometime this summer, when she'll finally have a chance to prove herself to the naysayers. Do you think this notorious reality star has what it takes to be a good mom? Sound off below!

Source: MTV