Pregnant Jenelle Evans’s Unborn Baby Gets Catfished!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans’s Unborn Baby Gets Catfished!

Today in weird news, Jenelle Evans is being catfished. Actually, scratch that — Jenelle Evans's unborn love child, Kaiser Griffith, is being catfished. The whole thing is so strange, even Nev Schulman is scratching his head in horror.

From what we can gather, some random Twitter troll is lurking on the internets and stealing Jenelle's baby photos, including ultrasound pics, and even a snapshot of Jenelle's baby bump — tattoos and all!

The culprit created a photo-montage of Jenelle's pictures and posted them to her Twitter feed with the completely inarticulate caption, "I have to quit cheerleading because I'm pregnant and I still go and visit my friends from their [sic]."

Yeah, we have no idea what she's trying to say either, but it's pretty clear that she's trying to pass off Jenelle's pregnancy as her own, and Jenelle is not having it.

"This is really f—ing weird…" Jenelle posted to Twitter. "Sorry this is MY BABY, not yours!!!! She also hit up Facebook and posted, "This girl is trying to catfish my baby on twitter !!!"

Sigh, celebrities. One day you're riding high and being interviewed by the likes of Dr. Drew Pinsky (our personal muse and life coach), the next some crazy person on Twitter is trying to cyber-steal your baby.

With any lucky, Jenelle will be able to reach out to the folks at Twitter and get to the bottom of this. It's more than a little creepy that someone is nabbing pictures of Baby Kaiser and passing them off as their own!

Have you ever been catfished, Teen Mom fans? Tell us about it in the comments!

Source: Facebook