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Jenelle Evans Tells Her Mom She Wants to Have a Baby! (VIDEO)

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 were shocked to find out that Jenelle Evans was pregnant with kiddo number two, but even more surprising? When she admitted that she and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffin, were actually trying to get knocked up. We've been wondering what was going through Jenelle's mind when she made the decision to get pregnant (after all, she doesn't have custody of her first child, Jace) and she explains herself to her mom, Barbara Evans, during tonight's all-new episode of Teen Mom 2.

In this sneak peek clip, Jenelle and Nathan sit Babs down over ice cream and come clean about their plans to get pregnant. Barbara's reaction? Shock, horror, fear — you know, the usual.

"Oh my god, no," Barbara says. "I think it's kinda a rushed decision here. It's gonna be hard on Jace, you come visit to the house and all of a sudden go home with this baby, he's gonna say 'how come mommy didn't take me?'"

Good point, Babs, but Jenelle insists that Jace will be spending more time with her at that point.

"I just think it's nice that you have this thought, but I think it's a little too soon. This is a life time commitment," Barbara continues. "You guys are adults. It's not like you're 17 or 16, you're not that anymore. You people gotta make these adult decisions. You have a baby and this is your problem. Not mine."

We understand where Barbara is coming from — especially considering that she's been tasked with raising Jenelle's first child thanks to the fact that Jenelle wasn't emotionally ready to raise a kid by herself.

Do you think Barbara's reaction to Jenelle and Nathan's news is fair? Tune into Teen Mom 2 to find out more about this happy couple's road to parenthood!

Source: MTV