Newlywed Jenelle Evans Mom-Shamed for Sharing Pic of Kids in Her Hot Tub
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Jenelle Evans

Newlywed Jenelle Evans Mom-Shamed for Sharing Pic of Kids in Her Hot Tub


Jenelle Evans could really use a honeymoon right about now.

Just days after the Teen Mom 2 star and David Eason tied the knot, the haters are already back to doing what they do best, mom-shaming the reality star for a photo she posted from her post-wedding festivities.

Can’t the girl catch a break for one week, guys?!

The 25-year-old and her fiancé, who got engaged in February 2017, officially became Mr. and Mrs. Eason on Saturday, September 23, when they got married in the backyard of their North Carolina home.

Yesterday was magical. #EvansToEason #ForeverAndAlways

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The guest list was so exclusive not even her mom Barbara Evans made the cut, but the couple’s children — Maryssa, 9, Jace, 7, Kaiser, 3, and 8-month-old Ensley — all played special roles in the ceremony.

They also played a role in the after party, from which the bride shared tons of family photos, including this one of her husband and the kids (sans baby Ensley) in their newly-installed hot tub.

I love my family.

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“I love my family,” she wrote of the sweet shot.

But of course, some followers found issue with this seemingly-innocent pic.

“Kids aren't suppose to go in hot tubs!??,” one concerned fan wrote.

“Kids are not supposed to go into hot tubs until they are old enough to regulate their body temperatures. Which should be 6 and older,” another chimed in.

All of mommas ducklings. #FamilyFirst

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In Jenelle’s defense, two out of three of the children in the pic are over the age of six, so…

However, the mom of three isn’t letting a little hate rain on her newlywed joy, as she’s shared tons of pics from the big day on social media:


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Besides, perhaps JE will take comfort in knowing she’s not the only Teen Mom 2 star to get mom-shamed.

Chelsea Houska hopped on Twitter on September 29 to share her own experience of mom-shaming, calling out people who judge her for holding her baby “too much” or “not enough."

Seriously, these mamas just can’t win!

Regardless, the Read Between the Lines author seems to be loving married life, and has already changed her last name on social media to “Eason.”

But we’re expecting another bout of Teen Mom mom-shaming to transpire in 3...2...

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.