Farrah Abraham: “White Trash” Jenelle Evans is Obsessed With Me
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham: “White Trash” Jenelle Evans is Obsessed With Me

Farrah Abraham may be trying to work out her romantic issues on Couples Therapy, but her friendship skills still leave something to be desired.

The reality star is lashing out at fellow Teen Mom troublemaker Jenelle Evans after Jenelle suggested that Farrah stop instigating fights with everyone around her.

Following some less-than-friendly comments from Farrah regarding Jenelle’s capability as a mother, Jenelle responded, “She is speaking out on her opinion of my life, and my decision to have another child … Farrah should get her own house in order, before giving out advice on my life.”

Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, Farrah told RadarOnline.com, “I don’t even know Jenelle, but I will say this girl is obsessed with being negative towards me. I have no patience for it … I’m a grown adult, great mother and maybe she should just take some notes.”

Farrah added, “My house is very much in order. If she would like to come over and see what she would like to live up to, she’s more than welcome to come over.”

Despite Farrah’s claims that Jenelle is primarily responsible for dishing out the drama between the two of them, she proved she can give as good as she gets.

“You know what?” she remarked. “I really don’t pay attention to white trash.”

Who do you think is responsible for Farrah and Jenelle’s feud?

Source: RadarOnline.com