Credit: Facebook

In case you aren't aware, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has an estranged sister named Ashleigh Evans. But sadly, Ashleigh is not Tia to Jenelle's Tamera. To say that these lovely ladies don't get along is a total understatement — they're basically mortal enemies. In fact, Ashleigh loves nothing more than slamming her sister on social media, and she recently got on Jenelle's case for not getting their mom, the formidable Bostonian beauty known as Barbara Evans, a birthday gift.

"Didn't get my mom anything for her 60 bday my mom threw jace bday party," Ashleigh tweeted. "She just showed up and nathan gets a $5k bday."

Ashleigh's referring to the fabulous vacation Jenelle surprised Nathan Griffith with for his birthday, which doubtless set her back several grand. However, just because Jenelley splashed out the big bucks for her boo, doesn't mean she rejected her son Jace, or her mom, Babs!

"I spent $60 on Jace's cake, $250 on a Nintendo 3DS, and bought mom a $400 coffee machine for Christmas," Jenelle shot back.

There's no doubt that this gal is generous, but buying Babs a $400 coffee machine for Christmas doesn't exactly mean she can straight up ignore her birthday. But it's never too late for Jenelle to make up for lost time and throw a gift her mom's way! We hear she loves boxed wine, just saying.

Do you think Jenelle spent too much dough on her boyfriend at the expense of Jace and Babs? Hit the comments!