Credit: Twitter

Everyone be quiet for a moment: Kieffer Delp has emerged from the dark cell that he's currently inhabiting and he has a message for his legions of faithful followers. But before we get to that, we'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that Kieffer is currently in jail thanks to this one really awkward time that he was arrested on Halloween for charges stemming from this other really awkward time that he was arrested for breaking into Jenelle Evans's family home. Yikes.

The Delp is currently being held on a $3,600 bond for the incident, but –– like a phoenix rising from the ashes –– he's about to break free. Also, he really misses his fans and wants you ladies to contact him.

"Yo, I'm in here writing material, puttin together sum sick rhymes for you," Keef mused on November 12. "Write me at P.O. Box 9 Bolivia, NC 28422. Be out in 13 days. 117."

Oh. My. God. Kieffer wants to be our pen pal! We're so there. Anyone else getting in on this action, or are you so excited about the prospect of Kieffer's "sick rhymes" that your fingers have lost the ability to type?

Thought so.