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By now you've heard the fabulous news — Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is reportedly pregnant with our future lord and saviour. We're thrilled that this gal is with child (especially in the wake of her devastating miscarriage earlier this year), but there's no denying that her pregnancy came as a shock.

Jenelle and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, haven't even been dating for a full year — and let's not forget that she's still married to her hubby, Courtland Rogers. Naturally, many of Jenelle's fans assumed that her pregnancy was accidental, but according to a new report from E! News, girlfriend was actively trying to get knocked up!

A source tells E! that 21-year-old Jenelle's pregnancy was definitely planned, and that the couple "were trying" over the summer. Makes sense — Jenelle spent most of her summer sans pot and alcohol, so clearly she was trying to stay healthy and keep her body in tip-top shape!

The insider also reveals that Jenelle's pregnancy will be featured during Teen Mom 2 Season 5, and that MTV's camera crew were already on hand to film her first doctor's appointment.

Jenelle still doesn't have custody of her first child, Jace Evans (who lives with Jenelle's mom, Barbara), but she hopes to reunite with her preschooler before long. "It sucks," the source says. "I know she wants to prove she's doing better, but having another baby without custody of her first isn't helping."

Jenelle has yet to speak out about the news of her pregnancy, but she did take it to Twitter to deny one part of E!'s story — that she doesn't have plans to divorce Courtland. "No plans for divorce?" she tweeted. "That's a joke, lmao."

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Source: E!