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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans made a big announcement December 12, confirming that she is indeed pregnant with her second child. But now she’s facing some pretty nasty insinuations that she was partying while knowingly pregnant. True to form, though, Jenelle is telling it like it is on Twitter.

“I didn't know I was pregnant until after the Philly trip,” Jenelle's tweet begins. “I did not drink after I found out and have not been out to ‘party’ since.” She’s referring to reports that imply she knew she was expecting back in October, when Jenelle attended a party at a nightclub in Philadelphia and declared herself “really hung over” the next day.

Of course, Jenelle has had more than her fair share of partying days. A month before the October party, she was pulled over with baby daddy Nathan Griffith, who was driving under the influence, and then there were here numerous drug-related arrests before that. We guess we can see why people would assume the worst, but Jenelle's most definitely changed. She’s in a supportive relationship, has been sober from heroin for over a year, and has a great relationship with her son, Jace.

“I’ve got my life together now, and I’m a different person from what [people have] seen,” she tells MTV, saying she is looking forward to family life with her MMA fighter boyfriend Nathan, who “doesn’t like drugs” and “barely drinks” by Jenelle’s account. (We’re guessing that means the DUI was bad luck?)

We’re willing to give Jenelle a fair shake on this one. Sure, she’s had a rocky past, but that’s probably all the more reason for her to be eager to settle down.

What do you think — has Jenelle turned over a new leaf or is she blowing smoke?

Source: Twitter, MTV

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