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In case you missed it, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans made a pilgrimage to her home away from home (otherwise known as jail) on December 14 when she was arrested for "breach of peace" and domestic disturbance. According to local police, Jenelle locked her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, out of the house following a dispute, and now even more details are being revealed to In Touch about this series of unfortunate events.

Here's what went down: While Nathan was gabbing with the cops about how peeved Jenelle was at him, Jenelle "would not unlock the doors to the residence or speak to law enforcement." Meanwhile, a policeman said that Jenelle "sent text messages to Griffith, blaming him for calling the police and stating that she was angry with him for involving law enforcement."

The cops left after Nathan assured them that Jenelle just needed time to cool off, but they returned when neighbors called to complain about yelling. Turns out Nathan had snuck back into the house through a window (as ya do), and when the police arrived Jenelle locked herself in a bathroom before running outside to her car.

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"She was yelling profanity in a high-pitched voice," a source tells In Touch, adding the Jenelle pretty much asked to be arrested after saying "go ahead and arrest me" in response to being told to keep it down.

So, what does Jenelle have to say for herself? There are two sides to every story, and this gal says that she and Nathan were never fighting — he was merely talking loudly on his phone outside. She also claims that the cops were "spying" on her for three hours, and that her neighbors call to complain about about her up to three times a week.

We're sure Jenelle is targeted due to her famous face and less-than-stellar reputation, but do you think she's telling the truth? She and Nathan seem head-over-heels in love as far as we're concerned, so we're thinking there might be more to this story than meets the eye...

BRB, ordering our "Team Jenelle" T-shirts.

Source: In Touch