Credit: NMBPD/Splash News

In case you missed it (doubtful), Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was arrested on December 14 when the neighbors called the cops after they heard yelling coming from her house. Jenelle and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, were reportedly having an epic fight, and Jenelle ended up being hauled off to Horry County jail for "breach of peace" and domestic disturbance. Luckily, Jenelle was bailed out of jail faster than you can say "backdoor Teen Mom," but did her arrest violate the terms of her probation?

Refresher: Jenelle was arrested back in April for heroin possession, and was slapped with 18 months unsupervised probation as a result. Any infraction of this probation could result in Jenelle being put behind bars, which would be horrible for many reasons — including the fact that she's three months pregnant.

The good news? Jenelle's probation was handed down to her in North Carolina, and her most recent arrest took place in South Carolina. "She has not violated her probation here in North Carolina," Jenelle's lawyer Dustin Sullivan exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment.

However, a source close to Jenelle doesn't seem so sure. "This arrest may affect Jenelle’s probation … it could violate her probation,” an insider dished to

The source also says that Jenelle and Nathan were fighting because "she doesn’t think he appreciates her enough," despite the fact that they've both denied these claims.

Either way, here's to hoping that Jenelle won't be thrown back in jail for a probation violation –– how is she going to indulge her pregnancy food cravings behind bars?!