Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant, and the next nine months should be the happiest time in her a life — a time where she can enjoy the delectable combination of pickles and ice cream and binge-eat as many stuffed crust pizzas as her heart desires. Well, unfortunately Jenelle's first trimester has been nothing but drama. Not only was she arrested for disturbing the peace in her neighborhood during an argument with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, rumor has it that there's trouble brewing in their relationship and girlfriend is all kinds of depressed.

Both Nathan and Jenelle have denied trouble in paradise, but that doesn't mean the constant speculation isn't effecting Jenelle. Nathan took it to Twitter to defend his gal, writing, "I love Jenelle with all my heart and we weren't arguing outside the house. She's really depressed. Please stop the bullying."

Jenelle has plenty of reason to be sad (who wants to be locked up in jail while pregnant?!), and she also hit up Twitter to explain her feels. "I honestly been really upset about social media lately," she said. "It's doing good staying offline. I didn't make any 'fake' accounts. Leave me alone."

Considering that Jenelle can't even post pictures of her pets without people accusing her of being South Carolina's answer to Cruella De Vil, were thinking her break from social media might be a good idea. This girl needs as little stress as possible during her pregnancy especially in these first few months!

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