Credit: Instagram

We don't know 'bout you, but Jenelle Evans is feeling 22! This reality television drama queen is celebrating her birthday on December 19, and we can only imagine that it's an emotional day full of cake binge-eating, cankles, and pregnancy hormones.

This has been a huge year for Teen Mom 2's reigning jailbird — not only has Jenelle been arrested more times than we can count (girlfriend could seriously make a 12-month calendar with all her mug shots), she met the love of her life, Nathan Griffith, split up with her scabies-infested husband, Courtland Rogers, and moved to South Carolina — an entire state away from her son, Jace!

Of course, the biggest thing to happen to Jenelle this year was her pregnancy. This Alfredo aficionado shocked fans by announcing that she's pregnant with her second child — with her new boy toy, Nathan, no less — and we can only assume that their baby will come out wearing a tank-top and holding dumbbells.

Sure, there have been a lot of ups and downs in Jenelle's life since she turned 21 last year, but we have a feeling that home girl will own 22. She'll spend most of the year pregnant (which mean there's no risk that she'll fall back into old habits), she'll hopefully get full custody of Jace, with any luck she and Nathan will get hitched (of course she and Courty have to get divorced first...), and at the end of it all she'll have a beautiful baby to cuddle up with! Oh, and lord knows how many amazing animal-print tattoos she'll ink on her thighs along the way.

Happy birthday, Jenelle! We'll make to stop by Olive Garden today and pray for you.