Credit: Instagram

You guys, Jenelle Evans is glowing. Glowing! This Teen Mom 2 star's skin has never looked more clean, clear, and under control — which could have something to do with her current pregnancy. In case you've been livin under a rock (or you're in denial about the current state of Jenelle's uterus), girlfriend is about three months pregnant with her second child, and the father is none other than her boyfriend of six months, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith!

Jenelle's been even more flawless than usual since announcing her pregnancy, and it looks like she knows just how amazing her skin is. In fact, she's taken to wandering around the swamplands of South Cackalacky without any makeup! We know, right? This is a huge deal — especially considering that Jenelle doesn't usually leave the house without heavy eye makeup and, like, a pound of freshly-plucked turkey feathers in her hair.

Check out Jenelle's fresh new look, which she posted to Instagram along with the caption "No makeup for me today, lol. Jace and me at his class today."

OK, first of all Jace looks amazing all decked out in his Tae Kwon Do robe, but enough about this little dude. Look at Jenelle's gorgeous skin and thick, lustrous hair! She looks like the backwoods version of a CoverGirl model. Easy, breezy, and beautiful.

We're thinking Jenelle should go out without makeup more often, but what do you think about her natural glow? Hit the comments!

Source: Instagram