Jenelle Evans sure knows how to pick 'em. Less than a year from splitting up with her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, this Teen Mom 2 star has found her very own knight in shining armor — MMA fighter Nathan Griffith! Jenelle and Nathan are currently expecting their first baby, and they're also hot off the heels of celebrating Jenelle's 22nd birthday on December 19. You better believe Nathan treated his baby mama like a princess on her special day, and he gave her a sparkly new necklace from Kay Jewelers as a present. Because every kiss begins with Kay, sob!

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

Of course, it would have been even more amazing had Nathan gone to Jared Galleria so Jenelle could have uttered the classic musing "he went to Jared!", but give him time, people. First, Jenelle needs to get divorced from her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers!

So, how much money did Nathan throw down for Jenelle's gift? The blue topaz sterling silver and white sapphire necklace cost $99.99 — yes, Nathan paid for the gift himself. "No I didn't give Nathan money to buy present," Jenelle posted to Facebook in her man's defense. "He went to Kay Jewelers and bought it with a warranty. Not fake... lol."

Jenelle also thanked Nathan for the gift on Instagram, posting "'Every kiss begins with Kay.' Thanks baby for the birthday gift! He is so perfect!"

Jenelle's necklace is pretty and all, but the best part of this gift is the sentiment behind it. Nathan went out of his way to get Jenelley a piece of jewelry with her birthstone — topaz. What a guy! Of course, this isn't quite as impressive as the time Courtland bought Jenelle a diamond ring from Zales for $3,299.99, but Courtland ended up being a jail bird, so..

Do you like Jenelle's new necklace, or could Nathan have done better? Weigh in below!

Source: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram