Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans and Boyfriend Nathan Griffith on Vacation on September 19, 2013

Here comes the bride, all dressed in a giant maternity gown! Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child, which means the time has come for her to get married to her baby daddy, MMA fighter and all-around stud muffin Nathan Griffith. The problem? Jenelle is already married to the one and only Courtland Rogers, a simple fella who's currently locked up in jail for heroin possession. Awkward!

Jenelle and Courtland got hitched in a small courthouse ceremony on December 4, 2012, and split up for good this past April (when Courtland was arrested). Unfortunately, Jenelle and Courty are still hitched thanks to a pesky law that requires the local yokels of North Carolina to wait a year post-separation before filing for divorce.

The good news is that Jenelle and Nathan plan to get married as soon as she and Courtland are officially divorced, and Jenelle says they hope to tie-the-knot in summer 2014 (after the baby is born). Of course, first Nathan has to propose –– and it looks like he might have a few tricks up his sleeve! (Actually scratch that, Nathan doesn't own any shirts with sleeves.)

When a fan tweeted to Jenelle that she and Nathan should put a ring on it, she responded "he wants to make that occasion a special surprise."

Awww, this guy! We're sure Nathan's proposal to Jenelle will be amazing, and we can't wait to (hopefully!) see it go down during an upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. In other news, Jenelle already seems to be planning the wedding, and recently told fans that her first dance with Nathan will be to "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake.

You're welcome forever, JT.

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