Credit: Twitter

It was just over a year ago that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was battling drug addiction and in a dysfunctional marriage with her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, and now look at her! Jenelle is in a healthy relationship with MMA fighter Nathan Griffith, and they're expecting a baby in 2014. Sob, times have changed!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Nathan Griffith Spends Time With Jace and Daughter Emery

Nathan and Jenelle are starting their very own family, but let's not forget that they both already have kids. Jenelle is closer than ever to her son, Jace (who lives with his grandma, Barbara Evans), and Nathan maintains a close-ish relationship with his daughter, Emery.

Nathan doesn't have custody of his toddler (who lives with his ex-wife's parents), and as you might expect he's less than thrilled about the arrangement. This muscular dude is constantly getting into Twitter feuds with his ex, Allison Stevens, but one thing's for sure — Jenelle's presence in Nathan's life has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn't see Emery on the regular.

Jenelle set the record straight on this subject via Twitter, saying "She's [Emery's] allowed around me. She only comes down once a month, it's BS. He never gets time with her."

Hopefully, Nathan will have more opportunity to bond with Emery once he and Jenelle settle down and pop out the new kiddo. The more stable this hunk's home life is, the more likely the courts are to allow him visitation!

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