Now that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with Teen Mom's future lord and savior, you better believe she's being treated like a princess. Jenelle's baby daddy, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith, is spoiling her rotten (as he should be!), and the holidays were a perfect opportunity for this muscle man to show Jenelle just how much he loves her.

So, what did Nathan get our favorite jailbird? No, he didn't spring for a dinner at Planet Fun (why, Nathan, whhhhy?), but he did head down to the local mall and make a pit stop at Kay Jewelers. 

Credit: Instagram

Not only did Nathan get Jenelle a $100 gift certificate, he purchased a super-meaningful bracelet full of glitzy charms that are special to her.

Let's see, we have a baby carriage (because Jenelle's pregnant, duh!), a locked heart (which Nathan presumably holds the key to), and a charm for both Italy and The Eiffel Tower. Why? Because a trip to France is on Jenelley's bucket list!

"Memory bracelet with charms," Jenelle posted to Instagram along with a picture of her new swag. "This means SO MUCH to me. Thanks baby soooooo much!"

What do you think of Nathan's generous gift to Jenelle? Sweet and sentimental, or a tragic mess?

Also, in case you need an explanation as to why Jenelle wants to go to France, it because she self-identifies as French. Just ask her stomach tattoo.